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The Vimar Eikon interchangeable devices come in 1-, 2- and 3-module sizes. The switch devices stand out for their silent and precise movement, with reduced profile and shallower depth. Their quiet push button movement is based on a patented joint-pin system. Most switches are illuminable (laser cut in a specific backlit area of the button) and may be used with an optional LED bulb in a choice of colors and voltages.  A newly designed semi-transparent frame support helps with device installation and wiring. The honeycomb structure of this frame provides greater rigidity and holds devices firmly under shock & vibration. The patented Vimar® Plack-clack system allows all devices to be installed and/or removed through the front.


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Grey, 1 Module

Item: VM20345
Price: $38.00

10A, 10AX, Illuminable, Grey

Item: VM20010
Price: $16.90

10A, Directional Arrows, Illuminable, Grey

Item: VM20062
Price: $40.20

Item: VM20318
Price: $20.50


Item: VM20066
Price: $28.60

100-230VAC Input Voltage, 50/60Hz

Item: VM20295.B
Price: $76.30

2M, Next (Silver), *Surcharge may apply if buying <20

Item: VM20220.N
Price: $30.30

10A, Illuminable, White

Item: VM20010.B
Price: $16.90

10A, Illuminable, Grey

Item: VM20060
Price: $41.60

2 Modules, SICURY, Grey

Item: VM20210
Price: $27.50

1 Module, Grey

Item: VM20339.11
Price: $15.90

2M, White, *Surcharge may apply if buying <20

Item: VM20219.B
Price: $25.80
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