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The newly designed semi-transparent frame support for the Vimar Eikon Series helps with device installation and wiring. The honeycomb structure of this frame provides greater rigidity and holds devices firmly under shock & vibration.


For Panel Mounting

Item: VM20627
Price: $10.00

For Eikon-Chrome/Total Look/EVO, 4 Modules

Item: VM21614
Price: $4.00

For Eikon-Chrome/Total Look/EVO, 7 Modules

Item: VM21617
Price: $13.60

2 Module, for Round Boxes

Item: VM21602
Price: $3.60

Version Previous to VM21602

Item: VM20602
Price: $3.10

For Eikon Chrome/Total Look/EVO, 3 Modules

Item: VM21613
Price: $3.90

For Eikon-Chrome/Total Look/EVO, 2 Modules

Item: VM21612
Price: $8.40

For Eikon Chrome, Total Look, and Eikon EVO

Item: VM21603
Price: $3.00

For Panel Mounting

Item: VM20626
Price: $3.00