Eikon by Vimar® sets a new standard in decorative modular switching for yachts, high-end recreational vehicles, and homes. Eikon, now available through Imtra (dba Vimar USA),  embraces the latest home décor styles, appealing to our senses with every detail of its sophisticated design. Choose either the rigorous and edgy “Classic” faceplates (referred here as square), or the softer look of the Eikon “Round” faceplates. Match your desired faceplate style with buttons and controls finished in your choice of anthracite grey, satin-finished white, or the technical charm of “Next” silver. These interchangeable devices come in 1-, 2- and 3-module sizes. The switch devices stand out for their silent and precise movement, with reduced profile and shallower depth. Their quiet push button movement is based on a patented joint-pin system. Most switches are illuminable (laser cut in a specific backlit area of the button) and may be used with an optional LED bulb in a choice of colors and voltages. A newly designed semi-transparent frame support helps with device installation and wiring. The honeycomb structure of this frame provides greater rigidity and holds devices firmly under shock & vibration. Finally, the patented Vimar® Plack-clack system allows all devices to be installed and/or removed through the front. It’s easy to see why the Vimar Eikon series is rapidly becoming the modular switching system of choice for today’s most respected yacht designers, boat builders, and interior designers.


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Grey, 1 Module

Item: VM20345
Price: $38.00

10A, 10AX, Illuminable, Grey

Item: VM20010
Price: $16.90

For Panel Mounting

Item: VM20627
Price: $10.30

10A, Directional Arrows, Illuminable, Grey

Item: VM20062
Price: $40.20

Item: VM20318
Price: $20.50


Item: VM20066
Price: $28.60

100-230VAC Input Voltage, 50/60Hz

Item: VM20295.B
Price: $76.30

2M, Next (Silver), *Surcharge may apply if buying <20

Item: VM20220.N
Price: $30.30

10A, Illuminable, White

Item: VM20010.B
Price: $16.90

10A, Illuminable, Grey

Item: VM20060
Price: $41.60

2 Modules, SICURY, Grey

Item: VM20210
Price: $27.50


Item: VM16776.AU
Price: $2.80
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