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Flood Light 4", 1,500 Fixture Lumens, 5,500K, 10.5-31VDC, IP68, White
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Lumishore's new Flood Light 4" (10cm) generates a powerful 1,500 fixture lumens of crisp, white light to illuminate the hardest to see places onboard.

Wide reaching oval beams of 70° - 100° will provide bright light wherever you need it.

Perfect for deck, cockpit lighting, or for general security purposes, these low profile articulating flood lights are ideal for exterior mounting on cabin tops, T-tops, arches, transoms and radar pedestals.

Designed to withstand the harshest marine environments, with a IP68 rating, and in marine-grade powder coated aluminium housing. The lighting units themselves are beautifully built, enhancing your boat’s fit-out, even when not in use.

  • 3,375 Lumens / 1,050 Fixture Lumens
  • 70-100deg Beam Angle
  • 10.5-31VDC
  • IP68
  • Lumi-Link Compatible
Lifetime Hours50,000 hrs
Manufacturers Part NoLM600467
Warranty2 Years
Ingress ProtectionIP65+
Mounting MethodSurface-mount
Light TechnologyLED
Beam AngleMixed
Luminous Flux22250
Ingress Protection Rating (IP)IP65+
Approximate Ship Weight (lbs)1


Cancer and Reproductive Harm-


Marine Deck Lighting

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Our carefully curated selection of marine deck lights offers you the opportunity to transform your boat's deck into a well-lit oasis that not only ensures safety during nighttime activities but also sets the perfect ambiance for relaxation and enjoyment. Whether you seek energy-efficient LED options, a variety of colors, or dimmable solutions, we have a marine deck lighting solution to meet your needs.


Marine Deck Lighting Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Marine Deck Lights Used For?

Marine deck lights illuminate boat decks, improve visibility, and safety during nighttime activities, and create an inviting atmosphere.


Are LED Marine Deck Lights Energy-Efficient?

LED marine deck lights are highly energy-efficient and can extend the lifespan of your boat's battery.


Can Marine Deck Lights Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions?

Yes, marine deck lights are known for their long-lasting performance because they are engineered to endure challenging weather conditions, including rain, saltwater, and UV rays.

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How Do I Install Marine Deck Lights on My Boat?

Installing the product is usually simple but please refer to the owners manual for proper installation. This will typically involve mounting, wiring, and sealing to ensure a secure fit.


Can I Control the Brightness of Marine Deck Lights?

Some marine deck lights often have dimming options to adjust brightness for personal preferences and power conservation.


Do Marine Deck Lights Come in Different Colors?

Marine deck lights come in various colors, so you can customize your boat's lighting according to your preferences and needs.


Are Marine Deck Lights Legal to Use While Underway?

In general, marine deck lights are typically intended for use when a vessel is at anchor, moored, or in a marina. Using them while underway can potentially create confusion or safety hazards for other boaters, as these lights are not designed for navigation purposes. Please check your local regulations for further information.


How Long Do LED Marine Deck Lights Last?

LED marine deck lights outshine traditional bulbs with their impressive lifespan, often spanning tens of thousands of hours. This far surpasses the shorter lifespan of traditional incandescent or halogen lights.

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What Types of Marine Deck Lights Are Available?

There is a variety of marine deck lights, including recessed, surface-mounted, spreader lights, and more, each serving specific purposes on your boat