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DHR40 Stern Light, White LED, Base-Mount, Black, 24V (4.1W), 2NM, IP66, 135°
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The DHR40 LED, our most compact navigation light with LED Technology. Ideally suited for small boats and agile vessels, because of its excellent visibility characteristics at high vertical angles. With a well thought out design, where style meets functionality, the DHR40 LED sets the standard in navigation lighting. Another distinctive feature is the availability of a flashing option. Leading brand LEDs and highest quality components assure the most robust and durable navigation light on the market. Zero noise interference, excellent thermal management and 50.000 hour lifetime results in an exceptionally reliable product with minimal maintenance costs. Models available in base-mount, side-mount and black or white finish. 

DHR lights are CE-EMC tested and certified and will not interfere with VHF radios.
  • For vessels up to 50 meters in length
  • Visibility from 2 to 5 NM (depending on application)
  • UV resistant matte black, anodized aluminum housing
  • Galvanically isolated back-up LED module built in to fixture
  • POM base to prevent galvanic corrosion
  • Borosilicate glass lens
  • Epoxy potted LED driver for maximum protection
  • User serviceable (parts and repair kit available)
Certifications & ComplianceIMO, Colreg 72, MED 96/98/EC, EN14744, UL1104 & USCG
Output ColorWhite
Lifetime Hours50,000 hrs
ClassI, (grounded)/III
Manufacturers Part No40040000
Input Voltage19-32VAC
DimensionsSee dimensional drawing
Warranty3 Years
Power Consumption4.1W
Lens MaterialBoroscilicate glass
Ingress ProtectionIP66
Mounting MethodBase-mount
DriverIntegrated (main & spare)
Install LocationStern
Electrical ProtectionsTransient Voltage, ESD Protection, Current Regulation
Ingress Protection Rating (IP)IP65+
Approximate Ship Weight (lbs)2


Cancer and Reproductive Harm-


Navigation Lights

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Welcome to our Navigation Lights Collection. Whether you're the captain of a recreational vessel or navigating a commercial ship, our comprehensive range of navigation lights ensures that you remain visible and compliant with international and local regulations. With a commitment to quality and performance, our navigation lights stand as beacons of reliability, guiding you through your maritime journeys with unwavering clarity and safety. Explore our collection and illuminate your path to safe navigation.

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Navigation Lights Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Navigation Lights, and Why Are They Essential on Boats?

Navigation lights are specialized lights installed on boats to signal their presence, position, and direction to other boaters, especially during low visibility conditions.


What Types of Navigation Lights Are Typically Required on Recreational Boats?

Recreational boats usually require three main navigation lights: a red light on the port (left) side, a green light on the starboard (right) side, and a white light at the stern (back) of the boat.

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Are There Specific Regulations Regarding Navigation Lights on Recreational Boats?

Yes, navigation light requirements for recreational boats are governed by international and local regulations. It's crucial to familiarize yourself with these rules to ensure compliance.


What Are the Navigation Light Requirements for Commercial Vessels?

Commercial vessels have specific and often more extensive navigation light requirements, depending on their size, type, and intended use. These requirements are outlined by maritime authorities and classification societies.


Can LED Lights Be Used for Navigation Lights?

Yes, LED lights are a common choice for navigation lights because of their energy efficiency, extended lifespan, and luminosity. However, they must adhere to the specific visibility and color regulations outlined by governing bodies.


How Should I Maintain and Check My Navigation Lights for Proper Functionality?

It is essential to regularly inspect and clean them to make sure your navigation lights are functioning correctly. Check for any loose connections, damaged bulbs, or lenses that may obstruct their visibility.


Do Navigation Lights Vary Based on the Size and Type of Boat?

Yes, the navigation light requirements can vary based on the intended use, size, and type of boat. Larger vessels may require more sophisticated lighting systems to meet regulations.


Can Navigation Lights Be Used in Conjunction With Other Lighting on a Boat?

Navigation lights should not be confused with other lighting on boats. It's essential to use them as prescribed by regulations to avoid confusion and ensure safe navigation on the water.