Frensch Lighting

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Frensch Lighting is world-renowned for products that combine German ingenuity and design with high quality materials. Imtra is your source for Frensch lighting fixtures including surface-mount lights, recessed lights and flexible chart lights. They offer efficient space-saving solutions while providing plenty of power to meet your needs. Frensch low profile surface-mount and recessed lights also feature the unique illuminated touch sensor - switching without any switches.                     

The Resolux 805

  • A surface-mount linear LED 10-30VDC fixture
  • The ideal solution for upgrading older fluorescent fixtures with the latest power saving technology
  • Its linear LED engine delivers a wide beam angle with high luminous intensity in a choice of warm or cool LED colors

The F-20

  • An attractive semi-recessed 10-30VDC linear designed LED fixture
  • Boasts an array of high brightness warm white LEDs delivering bright, wide angle illumination for task areas or general room lighting.

The F-22

  • An extremely low profile 10-30VDC touch activated linear LED fixture featuring dual color operation
  • Installation could not be easier, it is completely
  • surface-mounted, only requiring two screws for fastening

The F-23

  • A small low profile surface-mount LED courtesy light
  • Offered in three different bezel finishes and several LED colors 
  • User may position bezel for up/down or side to side wall wash effect

The F-28

  • Ultra slim surface-mount form factor and high lumen, non-glare light output

  • Single color and bi-color models available with rear or side-entry cabling

  • Certified ignition protected