Bridge Consoles

Unique and elegant design for demanding workspaces

  • Ergonomic design

  • Alternative flush mounting of equipment

  • Passive ventilation

  • Made in aluminum with stainless steel fasteners

  • Excellent service access to base and top module during and after installation

  • Easy installation on bridge.  Available flat packed or assembled.

  • Ruggedized to meet harsh marine environments

  • 3D views provided for approval prior to final fabrication

Workspace Ergonomics

  • Screens positioned and angled for user comfort.

  • Table height columns available in standing, seated and electric sit/stand versions.

NorSap Consoles can be designed for use with:

  • Navigation

  • Communication

  • Safety and ship operation

  • Navy

  • Engine control room

  • Cargo control room

  • Simulators

  • Hospitals

  • Cabins