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BOM: NS2060 Tube only for 35.4" Pedestal, fitting installed
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Manufacturers Part NoNS2060-900T
Approximate Ship Weight (lbs)3


Cancer and Reproductive Harm-


NorSap Boat Table Pedestals

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Imtra has a full selection of table pedestals suitable for all marine pedestal applications. Made of aluminum, NorSap’s large selection of table pedestals are available in fixed height, adjustable height, and gas-dampened styles. Norwegian manufacturer NorSap has created perfect solutions for marine pedestals with a large variety of options to satisfy every boater’s needs. Options such as a removable base and top, adjustable height, and various height offerings, provide the right product for every user. All pedestals are offered in a standard anodized aluminum or high-polish finish. The removable deck-mounted pedestals have a flush surface mount deck flange made of 316 stainless steel. The BL version of the fixed base pedestals is finished off with a 316 stainless steel cover over a cast base, again offering a nice finished look. 

NorSap’s table pedestals are innovative in design. The unique removable “twist-lock” pedestals allow for easy pedestal removal for stowage or for mounting in another location. Gas-assisted marine pedestals make table height adjustments smooth and easy. Bulkhead and thru-deck mounting options are available. Contact Imtra for assistance in selecting the right table pedestals for your needs.


Boat Table Pedestals Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Boat Table Pedestals Used For?

Boat table pedestals provide sturdy support for tables on boats, ensuring stability for dining, working, or recreational activities.


What Types of Boat Table Pedestals Are Available?

You can choose from a variety of options including fixed or adjustable-height table pedestals that suit your specific table requirements.


Are Boat Table Pedestals Compatible With Different Table Styles?

Yes, boat table pedestals come in a variety of sizes and are designed to accommodate various table styles.


Can Boat Table Pedestals Withstand Marine Environments?

Yes, boat table pedestals are commonly made of aluminum or stainless steel to withstand challenging marine environments and prevent corrosion.


Are Boat Table Pedestals Adjustable?

Many boat table pedestals offer adjustable height and/or swivel features which allow users to customize their table setup for optimal comfort and convenience.


Can Boat Table Pedestals Be Used for Both Recreational and Commercial Boats?

Yes, boat table pedestals are suitable for a variety of marine applications such as recreational boats, fishing vessels, and commercial crafts.


How Do I Choose the Right Boat Table Pedestals for My Boat?

When selecting boat table pedestals consider factors such as table size, desired height adjustability, material durability, and weight capacity to ensure they meet your specific needs and preferences.