Sola-Cure Blinds


UV protection sun shades for the maritime industry

For all your needs we've got you covered


Glare reduction, over 99% UV protections and excellent solar energy rejection
Shades are available in gold, silver, bronze and grey
Choice of operating and locking mechanisms plus it is suitable for inclined windows and restricted spaces
Made to measure with a 5 year warranty on all products


Improves instrumentation visibility and safety when navigating
Protects crew from harmful UV rays of direct and reflected sunlight while creating a cooler working environment
Protects fabrics and furnishing from fading

The Benefits of Using Sun Shades on Your Vessel
Glare from the sun can cause a number of problems onboard ships and yachts like blinding the captain, making navigational screens harder to see, and overheating the interior.

Common Questions About Sizing & Installing Sola-Cure Solar Blinds
We sat down with sunshade-expert Peter Jones from Sola-Cure Marine Window Blinds to answer common questions about selecting, sizing and installing Sola-Cure Solar Blinds on your vessel.

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As Sola-Cure shades are built to order, we can offer solutions that can be installed on any shape of window.  Solar shades also have the option to be equipped with wire guides, which help keep the shades in position (recommended for vessels that can roll a bit or for leaning windows).  While some shape of windows do have a little more of a challenge on achieving full coverage – such as a parallelogram – we can provide solutions where you would see 100% (or very close to it) shade coverage.  As the shades are built to the window dimensions, and the pricing can vary due to the size, if you have a project in mind and can share the window and door schedule (or have filled out our questionnaire), please contact us at 508.995.7000 or at info@imtra.com, and we would be more than happy to provide you a quote.



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