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KPM FRP5 Battery Powered Rescue Pump Kit (Lithium Battery- ocean/ground transport only)
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KPM 500S pump

  • Robust high quality pump bag with pockets
  • KPM FFP intelligent power pack  50Ah
  • KPM  24v 10 amp intelligent charger
  • Robust high quality battery ag with control Panel
  • 10m/32' of marine-grade cable
  • 10m/32' orange lanyard 
  • KPM waterproof plug and socket 
  • 10m/32' of 40mm (1.57") hose 
  • Robust high quality hose carry bag  
  • KPM Filter sock 2 off 
  • KPM orange nylon cam couplings so two 10m lengths can be joined.

The Predator power pack has been developed for situations where there is no available power supply. KPM has developed a  waterproof impact resistance high capacity battery pack. Available in 50Ah or 100Ah.  5 Years in its development the power pack is perfectly balanced to the duty cycle of the Predator 500  pump to deliver the optimum performance.
At the heart of the  KPM Power Pack is an Intelligent control system that not only delivers what is required by the pump but also protects the KPP from damage. The control system maintains full  24v discharge for 3 hours and limit further power at 18 volts.   By not fully draining the KPP  the full charge rate is  3 hours, balance to match the discharge rate. 

"The FRP5  is the ultimate portable rescue, firefighting and  pumping solution.  With our own developed  LiPo4  battery technology, the battery pack can move 9510 Gallons/ 36,000 liters of water to a head height of 9.8ft/3m in 3 hours without pump slow down.  With a recharge time of three hours.

The KPM FRP5 also sets new standards 
No more bulky expensive  pumps
Light weight and easy to carry
Plug and play pumping in under a minute
Primes first time every time in an emergency.
No carbon monoxide poisoning in confined spaces.
No  CO2 ,NOx and SOx- the green alterative.
Designed to be repaired . 
Extended life cycle.

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