Side-Power Stabilizers

Side-Power uses state-of-the-art technology combined with cutting edge design to produce a best in class boat stabilizer system. The system consists of four components – fins, actuators, hydraulics and electronics.


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Side-Power stabilizer systems

Side-Power Vector Fins     


One look at the revolutionary Vector Fin™ shows you that it’s different from conventional fin stabilizers. The shape directs anti-roll forces more efficiently. This means they can be smaller than conventional straight fins. This reduced size with the same power, hydrodynamically optimized fin profile, and lift induced by the shape helps reduce any drag caused by adding stabilizers. In most installations, we see no loss of speed or efficiency - in some, we have actually seen gains in both top speed and fuel economy.

Side-Power actuators  


Low height and compact design allows Side-Power actuators to fit in spaces others cannot. Dual cylinders allow for balanced power and no center lock pin required. Fins lock hydraulically, which provides multiple benefits from fewer parts to programming of the center position at different speeds. It’s an elegant solution, contributing to greater efficiency, fuel savings and improved performance. 

 Side-Power boat stabilizer system controls  


Boat stabilizers are only as good as the electronics that control them. Side-Power utilizes the latest advanced technology to optimize stabilization in any conditions. Side-Power makes use of multiple digital sensors to monitor the movement of the vessel and reacts faster using a CAN Bus-based communication system. This boat stabilizer system can be easily upgraded in the field without replacing any hardware and integrates with all Joystick system suppliers. 


Side-Power hydraulic systems  


Compact, sophisticated, efficient and reliable. Side-Power boat stabilizer hydraulic systems provide smooth, quiet power to get the best performance from your stabilizers. A hydraulic accumulator ensures instant response and smooth performance. A variable frequency drive efficiently powers the AC motor/pump for at-anchor stabilization and dynamic station holding. Proportional valves provide the most efficient actuator control possible. Fins can accelerate and decelerate smoothly and at speeds appropriate to the conditions, unlike simple on/off valves. 

Side-Power Stabilizer Catalog  

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