Side-Power Hydraulic Systems

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Side-Power hydraulic systems are designed to fit both pleasure and commercial vessels, reducing the complexity of the system and making them as user-friendly to operate and as simple to install as possible. Side-Power hydraulic thruster systemsAll systems are typically sized to real-world scenarios to maximize performance of both stern and bow thrusters while engines are at idle.

Side-Power hydraulic thruster systemsSee all of the Side-Power hydraulic thrusters available on Imtra.


Hydraulic Thruster System Components

  • Stainless steel tank with pre-fitted components
  • Thruster units, a maximum of four thrusters
  • Optional stabilizer system
  • Optional extra consumers such as anchor windlass or bilge pumps
  • Load sense or variable displacement pumps
  • Optional AC power pack
  • Optional accumulator tank
  • Cooling and cooling pump

For a complete Side-Power engineered hydraulic system, contact IMTRA.


Hydraulic Tank Features

Side-Power hydraulic tanks feature a stainless steel tank finished in gloss white powder coat to yacht standards. The tanks also have soft mounting feet to avoid structurally borne noise, internal swash plate to remove air from oil and prevent sloshing, and all internal hydraulic connections are pre-fit to avoid additional installation time. All electric connections are pre-fit, remaining electrical connections are plug and play, and high-pressure filter and return filter with service gauges attached to the tanks. There is a low oil alarm and oil temp sensor pre-fit to tank and all valves are pre-fit and preset to correct flow and pressure ratings.


Advantage of Load Sense Pumps

  • Reliable and proven system
  • Delivers only the flow and pressure that is actually needed at the time
  • The load sense control of the pump is more reliable than a clutch system
  • Low heat and energy waste
  • High-efficiency piston pumps
  • Low noise both in running and standby mode
  • Ignition proof for use with gas engines
  • Can be fit to engines, gearboxes, generators and AC pumps


Electrical System

  • CAN Bus based S-Link system for total integration of all components
  • Intelligent integration allows thrusters and stabilizers to work together seamlessly
  • Control sharing with other joystick or Dynamic Positioning Systems via S-Link Node

Control Panels

Side-Power hydraulic systems can be controlled via fully proportional control systems or via on/off controls.

  • To see an example of a Proportional Control, click here (SMPJC222)
  • To see an example of an On/Off Control, click here (SM8940G)


To learn more about Side-Power engineered hydraulic systems, download the product catalog. If you are interested in a complete hydraulic system or your vessel, please fill out our hydraulic questionnaire and contact us.