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Price:$25,100.00 EachTypically Ships In 3 - 4 weeks
Thruster, AC, 360kg Thrust/300mm tnl, comp prop 380-440VAC 3-phase input power, Vertical mount
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Cancer and Reproductive Harm-


Side-Power AC Electric Thrusters

It is no secret that the most stressful part in boating is when you are in close quarters to other boats.  Maneuvering around crowded marinas and anchorages is a challenge for even the most skilled operator.  Add wind current and ever increasing crowds, maneuvering with confidence is the only way to keep your experience a happy one.

Thruster systems were developed to allow more confident control of a vessel under any conditions and have become a virtual necessity in today’s marine industry.  As technology has improved, thruster systems have become ever more useful with improved functionality and performance.  All along, Side-Power has been at the forefront of thruster development and performance.

AC thruster systems offer the benefit of unlimited run time, allowing for heavier duty usage.  This is important in situations where hydraulic systems are impractical.  All of our AC thruster systems are precisely matched to the generator capacity to maximize the amount of thrust you get from the system.  Each AC motor, either 230V or 380V, is controlled via a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to minimize startup loads on the power system and allow for precise proportional control of the thruster.  An Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is also included to help reduce feedback noise on the vessels power system.  In specific cases where sensitive electronic equipment is in use, Low Harmonic Distortion VFD’s are available.  Please contact IMTRA for more information.

All Side-Power AC systems can be mixed and matched with hydraulic thruster systems and DC proportional and retractable thruster systems with seamless integration.  For help picking the right system for your vessel, please contact IMTRA customer support or your local Side-Power dealer.