Sleipner Bow & Stern Thrusters

Offering the highest quality bow and stern thrusters available on the market today.

What Are Sleipner (Side-Power) Thrusters?

Sleipner, formerly known as Side-Power, thrusters are the chosen brand by recreational OEM builders across North America and are now gaining traction in the commercial field. Here at Imtra, we are proud to call Side-Power one of our most trusted brands. Discover the wide variety of AC or DC electric, external, retractable, and hydraulic Side-Power thrusters and thruster controls we have available for purchase.



Introducing eVision

When combining our new, state-of-the-art electric motor with the proven Sleipner gear leg design and Q-Prop™ skew propeller, you get a thruster that delivers performance and runtime, never seen before in a DC thruster. The result is the new eVision thrusters.

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Sleipner Thruster Resources

Discover the Features of Sleipner (Side-Power) Thrusters

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Vessel Range                23 ft - 100 ft    23 ft - 100 ft    55 ft - 170 ft    30 ft to 175 ft
Power Source    DC battery banks    DC battery banks    AC Generator    Hydraulic System
Control    Proportional    On / Off    Proportional    Proportional or On/Off
Hold Feature    Yes    No    Yes    Yes
Stern Thruster Options    Yes    Yes    Yes    Yes
Commercial Use    Yes
Recreational Use    Yes    Yes    Yes    Yes
Run Time    3 mins - 2 hrs    3 - 5 mins    Unlimited    Unlimited



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Watch Sleipner (Side-Power) Bow Thrusters in Action

Watch as a Back Cove 30 gets upgraded to Sleipner (Side-Power) Speed Control Thrusters.

Imtra's product manager for thrusters, Peter Nolet, walks you through the features and benefits of Sleipner (Side-Power) external thrusters.