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Price:$15,470.00 EachTypically Ships In 3 - 4 weeks
Thruster, Hydraulic 550 kg Thrust/386 mm tunnel 40cc Piston motor, CR Composite K-props/oilfed leg
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Side-Power SH550 Hydraulic Thruster with Bent Axis Piston-Type Motor 40cm3, Max. Thrust 550kg/1210lbs, Twin Counter Rotating 4-Bladed Props

The Side-Power SH550 hydraulic thruster with twin counter rotating four-bladed propellers produces 1210 lbs of thrust at 100% performance. Side Power hydraulic thrusters can be purchased as part of a complete hydraulic system. 

A complete Side-Power engineered system allows full proportional control of the thruster and unlimited run time, all based on the S-Link plug and play system.  Learn more about Side-Power hydraulic thruster systems.  Contact your local Side-Power representative for a system tailored to your needs.


Features & Benefits

  • Wide range of hydraulic motor sizes and types to optimize performance of the thruster unit
  • Unlimited run time at any thrust level, including max thrust
  • Reduced long term maintenance when compared to DC or AC thrusters
  • Improved maaximum thrust based on tunnel size
  • Total integration into any hydraulic system or supplied as part of a Side-Power engineered system


  • Propulsion technology know-how, maximizing amount of thrust from the system
  • Lightweight composite propellers reduce work needed to get up to speed and stop rotation
  • Streamlined gear housing, reducing turbulence in the tunnel and maximizing flow


  • Compact size to reduce the amount of interior volume needed
  • Simple Plug and Play wiring
  • Easily accessible hose connections
  • Fast and safe propeller mounting with lock nut
  • GRP and composite bolt-on stern thruster tunnel kits pre-drilled for ease of installation
  • Easy access zinc anodes allow quick and simple changing

Safety and Reliability

  • Mechanical protection of drive gear through flexible coupling between gearleg and motor
  • Control panels have child-safe On system and timed shut down from last use
  • 2 year limited warranty
Light Duty Thrustup to 1210 lbs. (550 kg)
Pump Output56.1hp (41.8kW)
Motor Size40cm³ (2.44"³)
Required Pressure281bar (4076psi)
Required Flow89lpm (23.5gpm)
Min Depth to Top of Tunnel11.42" (290mm)
Min Depth to Center of Tunnel22.79" (579mm)
Heavy Duty Thrustup to 1200 lbs. (500 kg)
Typical Boat Size85'-130' (26m-40m)
Propulsion SystemTwin Counter Rotating, 4-blade props
Hydraulic Power50hp (37.3kW)
Approximate Ship Weight (lbs)116


Cancer and Reproductive Harm-


Hydraulic Thrusters

It is no secret that the most stressful part in boating is when you are in close quarters to other boats.  Maneuvering around crowded marinas and anchorages is a challenge for even the most skilled operator.  Add wind current and ever increasing crowds, maneuvering with confidence is the only way to keep your experience a happy one.

Thruster systems were developed to allow more confident control of a vessel under any conditions and have become a virtual necessity in today’s marine industry.  As technology has improved, thruster systems have become ever more useful with improved functionality and performance.  All along, Side-Power has been at the forefront of thruster development and performance.

Side-Power hydraulic thruster systems are based on the proven and reliable DC and AC thruster gear legs using hydraulic power.  The thruster systems can be combined with a complete hydraulic system, giving the advantages of a seamless proportionally controlled system with unlimited run time.  Combining a thruster system like this with Side-Power stabilizer systems provides complete control and comfort under any conditions.

Each hydraulic thruster model has a number of options for motor sizing.  This is to better match the available pressure and flow of existing systems or to give greater flexibility when designing complete systems.  As with the DC and AC systems, the thrusters are designed to minimize power consumption while maximizing thrust.  This is why all of the models are named by thrust output and not by horsepower.

All of our thrusters can be used for bow or stern thruster applications.  For help picking the right thruster for your vessel, please contact IMTRA customer support or your local Side-Power dealer.  Downloading and filling out our hydraulic systems questionnaire will help us better answer many of your questions.