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Wiper Motor 223BD, 24V/23Nm for 20mm (3/4") bulkhead
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Exalto 223BD Motor for bulkhead mounting. This wiper is available in 12V and 24V and for several bulkhead thicknesses. With a torque of 23 Nm these wipers can drive arms up to 31.1" (790mm) in length in combination with blades up to 31.5" (800mm) in length. The 223BD is a pantograph wiper system. For these wipers a cover in black or white is available to protect the motor and keep all moving parts out of reach.

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Manufacturers Part NoXA2166.30T
Max Arm Length31.1" (790mm)
Bulkhead Thickness (mm)20mm
Bulkhead Thickness (in.)3/4"
Washing Jet OptionsEX2184 or EX2110
Fuse4A Slow Blow
Max Blade Length31.5" (800mm)
Sweep Angle Adjustment40°-90° Disk, 5° increments
Accepts ArmsEX2133*, EX2136*, EX2139* (* = AS - single spring, AS2 - dual springs, P - Polished )
Optional Motor CoverEX2101 or EX2115
Approximate Ship Weight (lbs)5


Cancer and Reproductive Harm-


Wiper Motors

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W10/W12: These proven motors give you reliable performance in all weather conditions. A compact system for windows with a maximum reach of 35" (889mm).

W25 Series: Powered by a 25Nm motor to drive a wiper arm up to 30”. It has a single tapered drive shaft for secure motor/arm connection. A robust system for windows with a maximum reach of 45" (1140mm).

W38 Series: Powered by a 38Nm motor which will drive a wiper arm up to 35” with an equal length wiper blade. This system is ideal for raked back windows which measure up to 55”.

W50 Series: A modern designed wiper system for windows with a maximum reach of 70.5" (1790mm).

Type 1 Series: Built for rough weather conditions. Designed to drive a marine wiper arm up to 29 ½” with a maximum blade of 31 ½”, suitable for windows under 42” high.

Type 1.5 Series: The Type 1.5 wiper series is driven by the strong and compact dual drive 240BS wiper motor.  Supplied with fixed length wiper arms up to 900mm (35”) and a blade up to 900mm (35”) in increments of 50mm (2”), this system can easily clear windows up to 1400mm (55”).  The wiper arms and blades are made of 316SS to withstand the worst conditions.

Type 2 Series: The Exalto Type 2 wiper series is the premier system for windows greater than 40”, chosen by large yacht and commercial shipbuilders as the industry standard. The 250BS motor is a proven workhorse which can easily drive a robust wiper arm and blade.

Type 3 Series: The largest pantograph system for window up to 88.5" (2250mm) in height.

Motor Mounting Position:  Marine wiper motors are usually fitted either directly below or above the window. Below the window is a popular position on newer yachts, as many owners like the appearance of arms running up the glass. This position also allows the arms to be kept out of sight when not in use, even though it may require longer arms to reach the entire area to be cleared. Above the window positioning creates easier access and allows shorter arms to reach the sight-line on sweeping windshields. Often, motor placement is simply determined by where it will best fit into the boat.