Imtra is the source for superior, high-performance marine wiper systems for all types of applications.   Marine wiper systems are designed based on the window dimensions and the area of the window that needs to be cleared.  Many factors come into play when choosing the right equipment. These include: Type of vessel and the conditions the equipment will be used in, the motor mounting location and style of wiper.We have chosen the best equipment manufacturers such as Roca, Exalto and Decca to make up a comprehensive selection of Pendulum, Pantograph and Straight-line marine wiper systems.  

With our industry knowledge and their innovative solutions we have been able to supply reliable product promptly.  Our wide range includes motors, innovative arms, durable blades, washing systems and switchgear.   We're here to help you choose the best wipers solution for your next project.  To streamline this process, we have a simple, one-page Wiper Questionnaire that lets you provide us with the information we need to understand your specific requirements.  From this information, we can recommend a system just for you.  Fax in the completed form to 508-998-5359 and we will respond with a detailed specification including recommended motor selection, arm and blade length, as well as details for a control and/or washing system.

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Wiper Arm for 800-1200mm Wiper Blades 21mm Fixing
List Price:$450.00 Each
In Stock (3)
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Decca XL wiper arm. max L 880MM 900-1200MM blades (21mm fixing)
List Price:$450.00 Each
In Stock (2)
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Wiper Arm for 500-700mm Wiper Blades 16mm Fixing
List Price:$450.00 Each
In Stock (4)
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