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Imtra is the source for superior, high-performance marine wiper systems for all types of applications.   Marine wiper systems are designed based on the window dimensions and the area of the window that needs to be cleared.  Many factors come into play when choosing the right equipment. These include: Type of vessel and the conditions the equipment will be used in, the motor mounting location and style of wiper.We have chosen the best equipment manufacturers such as Roca, Exalto and Decca to make up a comprehensive selection of Pendulum, Pantograph and Straight-line marine wiper systems.  

With our industry knowledge and their innovative solutions we have been able to supply reliable product promptly.  Our wide range includes motors, innovative arms, durable blades, washing systems and switchgear.   We're here to help you choose the best wipers solution for your next project.  To streamline this process, we have a simple, one-page Wiper Questionnaire that lets you provide us with the information we need to understand your specific requirements.  From this information, we can recommend a system just for you.  Fax in the completed form to 508-998-5359 or email it to [email protected] and we will respond with a detailed specification including recommended motor selection, arm and blade length, as well as details for a control and/or washing system.

Our manufactruring partners provide many types of tools to assist us with recommending the right system for your boat.



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Imtra offers pantograph and pendulum arms in various lengths and adjustable ranges to complete your wiper system.  Black or polished finishes and features such as washing jets and fixed and adjustable tips.  Click here to browse all your options.


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Imtra carries a large selection of marine wiper blades for a wide variety of applications. From your vessel to your vehicle, Imtra’s wiper blades will be the perfect fit.

Before you make a selection, you should know there are few different ways that a wiper blade can mount to a wiper arm. The 3 most common attachments where the arm and blade meet are:

  • A J-Hook-Slot connector
  • A straight end connector
  • A bolt through type.

Browse all your boat wiper blade options here.


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Imtra offers a range of innovative switches and controls that let you customize your wiper system. Options include simple and intuitive switching options including multiple wiper syncrhonization and wash functionality.  Learn more about all our control options here.


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Imtra offers a wide variety of wiper motors from three different brands to fit the needs of all sizes and shapes of glass. Whether you’re looking for a motor that will drive a short arm and blade to clear the windshield of a small center console or a straight-line system to clear the glass on a container ship, or anything in between, Imtra has a solution. With motors available in both DC & AC power as well as internally- or externally-mounted, we can help you find a wiper motor specific to the needs of your boat. Click Here to browse all the available options.

Spare Parts

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Imtra carries spare parts for all of the wiper equipment we carry. Whether you’re in need of a fastener, spring, cover, rubber insert, or any other spare part for your Roca, Exalto or Decca wiper system, Imtra has you covered. Click here to see what’s available..


Washing Systems

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A washing system is an important add-on which improves visibility and function of wiper blades, while also extending the life of wiper components. Our selection of washing jets, fittings, bulkhead connectors and tubing provide options for plumbing the entire washing system. Whether you use a pressurized water supply or a separate remote reservoir, Imtra has the components you need.

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