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Interceptor 400 E With Cable 3m & Cable Cover 15.74" (400mm)
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Series E is a family of large, fast-acting interceptors that includes three straight, three tunnel and two chine models. Their blade rate and stroke are 40 mm/s and 60 mm respectively. The large, modular design made for mass production means the interceptors are durable, affordable and particularly well adapted to any planing or semi-planing boat between 50-100 ft.All components have been meticulously engineered to withstand impact and avoid water ingress, minimizing the risk of costly maintenance and downtime. Interceptor or blade actuation takes place by way of two calibration-free submersible electric servos in the interceptor unit. Natural water cooling provides excellent working conditions for the brushless DC servo motors, which run on 12-32 volts.Installation is made easy with an integral mounting plate and the option of a concealed or above- waterline, self-sealing, thru-hull cable fitting. The preferred mounting option is achieved by simply routing the servo cable as shown below. Each interceptor comes with the thru-hull cable fitting, cable cover and a practical drill template.

  • True outboard mount
  • Modular design and fast actuation
  • Integrated mounting plate and no corrosive materials
  • Thru-hull fitting options either above waterline or concealed behind interceptor
  • Submersible servo unit are brushless 12-24V DC servo motor
  • High-precision positioning
  • Calibration free
  • Durable and accessible
Manufacturers Part No2012215


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Zipwake Boat Interceptors

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Zipwake's Dynamic Trim Control System revolutionizes boat trim management, offering an innovative and cost-effective solution. This system features a cutting-edge array of robust and rapid-acting interceptors, addressing the prevalent trim challenges faced by planing and semi-planing boats ranging from 20 to 100 feet in length.

Key Features:

State-of-the-Art Interceptors: Zipwake's interceptors are designed for durability and lightning-fast adjustments, ensuring precise control over your boat's trim.

Automated Precision: The system operates fully automatically, optimizing your boat's performance, fuel efficiency, comfort, and safety during acceleration, turns, and when navigating in varying sea conditions.


Enhanced Performance: Experience improved boat maneuverability and agility, allowing for smoother handling and more enjoyable rides.

Fuel Economy: Zipwake interceptors optimize your boat's trim angles, reducing fuel consumption and increasing efficiency, saving you money in the long run.

Comfort: Say goodbye to uncomfortable and unstable rides. Zipwake enhances comfort by minimizing pitch and roll, providing a stable and pleasant on-water experience.

Safety: With better control over your boat's trim, Zipwake interceptors enhance safety during maneuvers and in challenging sea conditions, giving you peace of mind.

Whether you have a powerboat or commercial vessel, Zipwake Boat Interceptors offer a dynamic trim control solution that takes your boating experience to the next level. Say goodbye to trim-related problems and hello to a smoother, more efficient, and safer journey on the water.


Zipwake Boat Interceptors Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Zipwake Interceptors, and How Do They Work?

Zipwake boat interceptors are dynamic trim control systems that use interceptors, or blades, to adjust the boat's trim and reduce pitch and roll. They work by independently adjusting the interceptors' positions to optimize stability and performance.


What Advantages Do Zipwake Interceptors Offer?

Zipwake interceptors provide improved comfort, reduced fuel consumption, enhanced boat stability, and precise control over trim angles, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable boating experience.

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Which Boats Are Suitable for Installing Zipwake Interceptors?

Zipwake interceptors are suitable for a wide range of boats, including powerboats and various types of leisure and commercial vessels.


Are Zipwake Interceptors Compatible With Different Boat Sizes?

Yes, Zipwake offers a range of interceptor sizes and configurations to suit boats of varying sizes and weights.


How Can I Choose the Right Zipwake Interceptor System for My Boat?

Consult with a Zipwake dealer or professional installer who can assess your boat's specifications and recommend the appropriate interceptor system.


What Maintenance Is Required for Zipwake Interceptors?

Routine maintenance includes checking the interceptor blades for wear and ensuring the system's electrical connections are secure. It's advisable to have them serviced by a qualified technician periodically.

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Can I Retrofit My Boat With Zipwake Interceptors?

Yes, many boats can be retrofitted with Zipwake interceptor systems, but it's best to consult with a dealer or installer to determine the feasibility for your specific boat.


What is the Warranty and Support Available for Zipwake Interceptors?

Zipwake offers warranties on their products, and support is available through authorized dealers and service centers.


Are There Any Safety Considerations When Using Zipwake Interceptors?

Users should follow safety guidelines and be aware of potential hazards associated with interceptor systems. Proper training is recommended.


Where Can I Purchase and Install Zipwake Interceptor Systems for My Boat?

Zipwake interceptor systems can be purchased through authorized dealers and installed by certified professionals with expertise in marine trim control systems.

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