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Zipwake's Dynamic Trim Control System, the world's first economical trim control system, incorporates a state-of-the-art series of durable and fast-acting boat interceptors. This combination eliminates the well-known trim problems of planing and semi-planing boats between 20-100 feet. The system is fully automatic and significantly enhances performance, fuel economy, comfort and safety when accelerating, turning or running in a seaway. 


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Auto Pitch

Experience faster acceleration, extended planing speed range and improved visibility as you cruise on the water.

Auto Roll

Auto Roll dynamically and automatically keeps your boat on an even keel — regardless of wind, load distribution or rough waves.

Coordinated Turn

Perfectly coordinated turns—every time. Whatever your speed, Zipwake automatically adjusts the heeling angle of your boat for a safer and more comfortable ride.


Series S

Series S is a product family that includes four straight, four V-shaped, four chine, and one intermediate boat interceptor. 
  • For boats up to 50 ft

  • Planing or semi-planing boats

  • For speeds up to 60 knots

Series E

Series E is a family of large, fast-acting boat interceptors that includes four straight, three tunnel and four chine models. 
  • For boats and vessels up to 100 ft

  • Planing and semi-planing boats and vessels

  • Tunnel shaped

Integrator Module

Seamlessly connect your Zipwake system to multifunctional displays (MFDs) and smart devices. The Integrator Module gives you intuitive, easy control and keeps your dashboard clean.
  • Seamless integration to MFDs and smart devices.
  • Clean Dashboard
  • Easy to install – anywhere

Mini Controller

The Mini Controller is the perfect complement to any Zipwake system equipped with the Integrator Module and touchscreen MFDs. It acts as an “eyes-free” remote control for the Zipwake App.

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Trim Tabs vs. Boat Interceptors: What's the difference? 

If you’re a boat owner, you probably have heard of trim tabs and boat interceptors. But what exactly is the difference between these two? Trim tabs and boat interceptors both affect how a boat behaves in the water. The difference between them lies in how they work.
Trim tabs are small horizontal metal plates located below the water line, when activated, they move up and down independently of the vessel, adjusting the elevation or pitch of the boat.
Boat interceptors, on the other hand, are vertical plates placed on the bottom edge of sterns or transoms to generate additional lift and provide flexibility in terms of making adjustments when desired. Both types of equipment help improve fuel economy as well as make boats more responsive to steering commands, boat interceptors also deploy faster and create more lift with less surface area, which makes them the better option.

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