Yacht Stabilizers have a single purpose in mind, to reduce the effects of motion sickness. The idea is as simple as this, reduce the rolling of the vessel and you reduce the chance of getting sea seasick. This reduction in seasickness will allow more use of the boat despite weather conditions. The reduction in roll also means you can spend more time underway without the risk of damage to the vessel or the passengers. 

The science behind yacht stabilization has become very complex. With the onset of digital control systems and faster reacting hydraulic systems the response time of stabilizers has improved allowing the roll to be reduced dramatically. The more the roll is reduced the more comfortable the time on board. Newer stabilizer system offer stabilization while at anchor or at rest. These systems use specific control algorithms and specific designs to make the vessel as stable as possible when it is not moving, however most compromise the ability to stabilize the vessel while it is underway.

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Side-Powers unique approach to yacht stabilization allows the system to be effective while the vessel is at rest and effective when the vessel is underway. Any Speed™ stabilization is unique to Side-Power and enhanced by the vector fin design. The vector fins™ stabilizers (Patent pending PCT/NO2013/050067) improve the roll reduction efficiency by approximately 50% in “at anchor stabilization” and 30%  in cruising stabilization, while at the same time reducing undesired yaw and sway. These side effects of steering and shifting the yacht take away energy that could be used for stabilization so reducing them is critical to improving the performance of the system.


Side-Power User Experience - 8:50
Fairline Squadron 78 owner John Maxey and
Captain Richard Kennedy share their experience
with the Side-Power Stabilizer System.

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