Side-Power control systems are the most advanced monitoring and control systems on the market today. In order to stabilize a boat correctly the control system needs to be able to feel the movement, process what the correct reaction should be and control the systems reaction. The quicker this happens the more comfortable you are. 

 Side-Power stabilizer control systems control graph

Monitoring of three axes is the basis of the Side-Power stabilizer control system. Gyro, Inclinometer and Accelerometer constantly stream readings to the CPU, allowing the system to intelligently react to the boat's movement. Just as importantly, these axes also predict what is coming next. 

Having these three sensors allows the Side-Power stabilizer system to control boat movement in a more natural way. A good example of this would be high speed turns, since the Side-Power control system can detect the turn and allow the boat to bank naturally. In some cases this bank has been corrected to a more natural feel from over-banking, in the case of pod drive boats, or to falling outwards, in the case of more top-heavy vessels.

Additionally, a color touch screen control that allows the operator to understand what the system is doing at any time. It also allows the user to set up automated functions like seamlessly switching between zero speed mode and underway mode or starting the AC power pack automatically when the engines are shut down.

Boat Stabilizer Control Features

  • NEW Hydraulic Controller
    Simplified wiring system - virtually all pre-fabricated plug and play cables
  • Side-Power stabilizer control systemsNEW State of the art electronic controller, utilizing the latest developments in the fast moving world of electronics.
  • NEW Color touch panel for easy use and control.
  • Continuous development of the best control software possible, cooperating with leading companies in control technologies.
  • Self-adjusting – advanced algorithms – also “Any/No Speed” functions for stabilization at anchor.
  • Easy upgrade of software ensures future compatibility and improvements.
  • Reverse gear position input, but also other sensors to safeguard that fins are centered and locked immediately if the boat is starting to move backwards.
  • GPS speed input (no shaft sensor) helps control algorithms do the best possible job.
  • S-link integrated common intelligence with thruster systems and main hydraulics.

The Future of Side-Power Boat Stabilizer Control Systems

Side-Power boat stabilization is a constantly evolving process. New and revised algorithms are continuously being introduced and tested on Side-Powers factory boat to improve the performance of the system.  This continuous improvement and testing process allows the engineering team to assess the improvement in real time before releasing updates. Upgrading the software on each controller in the field is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. An upgrade allows each and every stabilizer control system to benefit from continual improvement without having to replace expensive components.

                 Boat in choppy water using Side-Power boat stabilization