Side-Power offers a wide range of thruster controls and accessories.  All on/off DC thrusters and on/off hydraulic thrusters use the 4-wire or 5-wire control system.  All proportional DC, AC and proportional hydraulic systems use the S-Link control system.

A complete thruster system should include a fuse and fuse holder, control head and cable system and a battery switch.  Selecting the correct equipment varies from install to install.  For help picking the right items for your vessel, please contact IMTRA customer support or your local Side-Power dealer.

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Without Fuse

Item: SM897724
Price: $975.00

For 2 Thrusters to 1 Control Panel

Item: SM61279
Price: $54.00

For Radio Remote Transmitter (SM8981 and SM8985)

Item: SMCR2032
Price: $14.00

Item: SM61328
Price: $42.00

For Bow & Stern Thruster & Windlass

Item: SMRCT-23U
Price: $419.00

Without Fuse

Item: SM897712
Price: $975.00

To Make One Cable Length

Item: SM61276
Price: $20.00

Item: SM61296
Price: $62.00

Chrome Bezel, 12/24V, 5-wire, 2" cutout

Item: SM8965
Price: $350.00

For Bow & Stern Windlass

Item: SMRCT-22U
Price: $419.00

For Bow & Stern Thrusters

Item: SMRCT-20U
Price: $419.00

Item: SM61278-12M
Price: $82.00
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