Side-Power tunnels are manufactured to exacting tolerances to be consistent in diameter and wall thickness.  Size and shape of the tunnels are vital for the performance and proper fit of our systems.

For help picking the right tunnel for your thruster, please contact IMTRA customer support or your local Side-Power dealer.

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Item: SM90180i
Price: $1,269.25

Length: 59.0 in.

Item: SM13717
Price: $8,080.00

for 200TC32, 220TC, 240TC, 285TC & 300HYD

Item: SM13020
Price: $1,380.00

4.92 x 98.4 x 0.157 in., for SE30/SE40

Item: SM5004

Short Model, GRP

Item: SM90075
Price: $303.85

9.84" x 68.9" x 0.276 in., for SE130/170/210/SH240

Item: SM10018
Price: $743.00

Item: SM985135
Price: $84.20

250mm Tunnel, ready bored, w/ext. harness

Item: SM90150i
Price: $846.15

With extension harness for control box

Item: SM90052i
Price: $519.25

5.50 x 59.0 x 0.197 in., for SE50

Item: SM6032
Price: $260.00

Ready bored, w/extension harness for control box

Item: SM90200i
Price: $1,514.80

Length: 39.4"

Item: SM8012
Price: $500.00
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