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There are few ways that a wiper blade can mount to a wiper arm. The 3 most common attachments where the arm and blade meet are a J-Hook-Slot connector, a straight end connector, and a bolt through type. If you’re unsure on how your blade attaches to the arm, please call (508.995.7000) a member of our insides sales team to help you select the right blade.

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Item: RC520824
Price: $36.00

Item: RC520513
Price: $9.25

Item: EX2171
Price: $46.25

Item: RC520521
Price: $16.50

Item: RC520520
Price: $15.50

Item: RC520828
Price: $75.00

Item: EX216123
Price: $93.00

Item: EX2170CN
Price: $41.25

Item: RC520518
Price: $13.50

Item: EX216125
Price: $134.00

Item: RC520511
Price: $9.25

Item: EX2176
Price: $72.00
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