Imtra is the source for quality wiper systems that can stand up to the harshest conditions - on land or sea.  We have chosen the best equipment manufacturers such as Roca, Exalto and Decca to make up a comprehensive selection of pendulum, pantograph and straight line wiper systems.  Our products include high performance motors, innovative arms, durable blades, washing systems and switchgear.  These are systems you can count on to provide many years of reliable service.

With our industry expertise and extensive product knowledge, Imtra has built a solid reputation as an industry leader, providing customized solutions across a range of industries.  Here are some of the market we serve:


  • Recreational Marine
  • Government, Municipal & Patrol Boats
  • Large Commercial Craft
  • Land & Offshore Industrial
  • Transportation & Military 

  • Engineered for reliability and performance -- even in the worst conditions.

Washing Systems
All the parts for a complete washing system -- from solenoids and manifolds to tubing and bulkhead connections.

  • Adjustable or Fixed Lengths
  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction

Wiper Catalog (4.96MB)

  • Standard and Heavy Duty Options
  • Multiple Lengths Available
  • Innovative switches and controls that let you customize your wiper system.

Let us help you select the wiper system that's best for your application.  Download our Wiper Questionnaire, fax it back to us, and we'll respond with a detailed recommendation specific to your needs.


Wiper System Ranges
  W5    •    W10/12    •    W25   •   W38   •   W50   •   Type 1   •   Type 1.5   •   Type 2   •   Type 3