Wiper Spare Parts
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For Exalto Type 1 and Type 2 motors

Item: EX2100.361
Price: $2.50

Exalto Type 2 Wiper Arms

Item: EX2105.046
Price: $4.00

Item: RC531329
Price: $11.00

Pantograph Mounting Plate

Item: RC531327K
Price: $6.00

No Spring System

Item: EX2105.GEX101
Price: $156.00

Complete Assembly, 316 Stainless Steel

Item: EX2108.012
Price: $75.00

Item: RC531229
Price: $1.00

With Adjustable Spring System

Item: EX2105.GEX100
Price: $138.00

Complete Assembly with New Clamping Head, 316 SS

Item: EX2108.010
Price: $69.00

New Style with Fold Back Arms

Item: EX2105.048
Price: $5.50