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When you’re out adventuring in new and unknown territory, enjoying some time off or exploring for a living, it’s imperative to have the most functional and reliable equipment in your van. You’ve invested both time and money into a vehicle that is now your home base when you’re on the road, and it should feel exactly like that: home. When you settle in for the night and reflect on the adventures of the day, you can be proud that you didn’t cut corners in outfitting your vehicle, and that you’re always prepared for what’s next. The team at Imtra knows it’s these qualities that really count in an overland vehicle.

LED Lighting

With over two decades of experience manufacturing and distributing low-voltage lighting, Imtra is well-versed in LED lights built with the highest-quality materials designed to endure harsh environments and last a lifetime. With over 1,000 light fixtures available from five different European and American brands of interior and exterior LED lighting, as well as manufacturing our own, Imtra has a lighting system for any and every application. Whether you are looking for interior downlights, exterior floodlights, task lights, rope or tape lights, accent lighting, dimmable or color-changing lights, Imtra has a solution.

With high-quality dimming and switching solutions from Vimar, as well as power conditioners and converters, Imtra can provide everything you need for the entire lighting circuit in your vehicle. In addition, Vimar offers power outlets and USB chargers in a modular system that simply click into a mounting frame alongside the switches for a simple installation and clean, finished look once the decorative cover-plate is snapped into place over the frame.

Electrical Systems

Imtra also offers Victron Energy’s battery chargers, inverters, monitors and controls. Their DC-to-DC chargers allow you to charge your battery bank with ease, especially with solar power. Victron’s smart-integrated solutions also allow for easy monitoring of all the electrical demands in your vehicle. To learn more about all that Victron has to offer for the overland market, check out their video series: The Victron Van Install.

Table Pedestals

In addition to electrical systems and components, Imtra offers some equipment and hardware that is simple to install and can make life in your vehicle more convenient. NorSap offers a variety of table pedestals that are easily removable from the floor, from the table, or both. With a simple twist-lock design, the pedestal connects & disconnects easily from the base plate for stowing away when you’re not using it. Many of their pedestals are also adjustable-height, so you can easily turn a table into a bunk and vice versa. Imtra also carries folding brackets and table supports from Rakego that can help you mount a table to the wall of your vehicle and have it easily fold away when you’re not using it to open up space in the vehicle.

Water Systems

Manual hand and foot pumps from Fynspray as well as portable and flexible water tanks from Nauta can make the water system in your vehicle as simple as possible with just a hose and a fitting to connect the two. This system requires minimal plumbing and has the added benefit of the water tank being portable, so you can remove it from the van and bring it to a water supply, or put it up somewhere high to create a gravity-fed shower. Nauta also offers portable fuel tanks if you need more than the gas tank can carry to truly get off the grid.

If you’re looking for quality gear to make your experience even better, contact us today and we will help supply products you don’t have to worry about failing, so you can spend your time doing what you set out to do.

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