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For many boat owners in seasonal climates, hauling the boat in the fall for winter storage is an annual routine. While it’s often tempting to get the boat hauled and put away, out of sight and out of mind; a little maintenance in the fall can go a long way towards avoiding headaches and delays when it’s time to launch in the spring. The product experts at Imtra have put together a guide to fall maintenance to help you keep all the systems on your boat functioning properly and efficiently.
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Most electric anchor windlasses will require troubleshooting at some point. Learn the common issues that can arise with an electric anchor and how to resolve them.
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If you have a 20-year-old mid-sized Sea Ray boat, chances are you may be ready for an anchor-windlass upgrade. Imtra anchor windlass expert Jim Thomas explains.
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Anchor windlass maintenance is an important, but often forgotten component to owning a boat. Here are 7 anchor windlass tips for annual maintenance to ensure your windlass system runs smoothly all season.
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