KPM Marine

Who is KPM Marine?

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KPM Marine, based in Birmingham UK, specializes in the design and manufacturing of safety critical equipment for the marine industry. The KPM range of products for the marine industry includes seating,  modular vessel interiors, engine room air handling and management systems, high performance bilge pumps and sea strainers.  KPM designs its products around extended lifetimes with full repairability and the lowest possible failure rate. KPM never stops innovating and listening to customers, leading to an ever-evolving product offering for the most demanding clients.

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KPM Seating

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Comfort and safety with style where you need it most

KPM never stops innovating and listening to customer’s demanding applications which has shaped their design ethos for over 28 years.  KPM utilizes a robust construction design for performance while also including the ability to repair in the field in the rare situation that the product fails. Feedback from customers was to deliver a light, safe, seat system, and the Crew100 and SJ range resulted from that feedback. With 8000 units in operation globally, the recorded failure rate is an astonishing 0.03%. These are normally repaired and sent back into operation.  KPM does not compromise on materials and quality.  People depend on their products to work the first time, every time. Learn more about their safety features and benefits.

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KPM Air Systems

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Modular or custom designed Systems with ease of installation in mind

KPM Air handling units have been designed to meet class specifications and afford the workboat operator high levels of protection, low maintenance costs and air flow performance. These units are versatile in their application and can be used for any ventilation requirements.

  • Separation is by mesh and vanes.

  • The KPM 4 stage mist eliminator vanes filter droplets to 3 microns and stop mass ingress.

  • Hard anodized, the KPM units will give extended maintenance-free service while keeping air free of salt and other contaminants.

With over 800 systems in the field, KPM filters have become the unit of choice.

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KPM Emergency Rescue Pack

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The ultimate portable rescue pack and pumping solution

KPM’s latest development is a lithium-ion battery powered lightweight rescue pack for flood control.  Tests have proven the battery will power the KPM pump for over 3 hours moving an impressive 9,510 gallons of water at a 10 foot head. With a full recharge time of 3 hours, the KPM Emergency Pack is a versatile and crucial piece of safety equipment for portable rescue and pumping situation.

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KPM Predator Pumps

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KPM Predators Pumps – Light, high-capacity pumping systems

By listening to their customers, KPM was asked to develop a light, high-capacity pumping system that could run at low amps with maximum flow.  The result is a pump that will deliver a maximum flow of 200l/min or 52 Gallons/min at a 3M(~10ft head) while requiring just 16 amps. KPM has delivered 4000 predator pump units globally with a recorded failure rate of only 0.03% over 10 years. KPM does not compromise on materials and quality since they know that people depend on their products to work first time every time. It’s a matter of pride.

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KPM Strainers

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Lightweight high quality 316Stainless steel strainers

KPM-Marine Stainless Strainers are manufactured from 316 L and all ports are welded internally and externally to ensure there are full penetration welds, reducing any potential corrosion. The basket is manufactured from 316 stainless mesh allowing free flow of water. Lids can either be 8mm polycarbonate or 6mm stainless for class applications. The whole strainer is electro polished to ensure no corrosion and an attractive appearance. KPM strainers are lightest on the market due to their construction. All strainers are pressure tested and soak tested for 48 hours to ensure that there are no leaks, before dispatch. We can provide custom strainers to match your exact requirements.

Project Highlights

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WindServe Marine, LLC, is part of the Reinauer Group of Companies and provides support services to the offshore wind industry. WindServe's ODYSSEY Utilizes a full complement of KPM Suspension seating for a safe and comfortable ride. WindServe Marine is a premier U.S. offshore wind support services provider. Building upon more than 95 years in the maritime industry, Windserve is committed to providing excellence in all stages of the offshore wind farm lifecycle and supports industry stakeholders in project commencement, construction, operations and maintenance, and logistics.

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Check out all the features, benefits and specifications of the KPM Predator Bilge Pump & Rescue Pack. 

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