Side-Power Thrusters



Side-Power thrusters are the chosen brand by recreational OEM builders across North America and are now gaining traction in the commercial field. Here at Imtra, we are proud to call Side-Power one of our most trusted brands. Discover the wide variety of AC or DC electric, external, retractable and hydraulic Side-Power thrusters and thruster controls we have available for purchase.


Side-Power Thrusters Pro SeriesA Side-Power thruster and thruster control from the Pro Series

PRO Series

The PRO series thrusters are available as DC, Hydraulic and AC thruster systems and offer the added functionality of proportional control. Why is this important? Increased control adds confidence in maneuvering, giving you your smoothest ride ever. For Side-Power DC Thrusters, improved run times are key and reduced noise is a priority for smooth operation on all systems.

A Side-Power Thruster from the SE & EB SeriesSide-Power Thrusters SE & EB Series

SE & EB Series

The SE & EB standard bow and stern thruster series are the base for all our extensive range of DC electric thrusters. They are fitted in a tunnel through the bow or into our stern tunnels to use as stern thrusters. The motors, solenoids, patented IPC control system and mechanical parts are custom designed and built thanks to extensive experience through the years.

A Side-Power Thruster from the SR SeriesSide-Power Thrusters SR Series

SR Series

Side-Power retractable thrusters are designed with reliability and durability in mind. They are excellent for use as bow and stern thrusters in boats with shallow or flat-bottomed hulls, or even when a tunnel opening in the hull is not an option.

A Side-Power Thruster from the EX & SX SeriesSide-Power Thrusters EX & SX Series

EX & SX Series

An extensive program of externally fitted thrusters are also available through Side-Power. The EX and SX series is a practical and efficient solution for those who cannot fit a tunnel thruster, or for use as an externally mounted stern thruster.

An IP Version Side-Power ThrusterSide-Power Thruster IP Versions

IP Versions

This version is equipped with a hermetically sealed cover around the motor and switch gear. Meaning that it is safe to use in gasoline boats and other instances where there is a risk of explosive fumes as well as excellent for installation in wet areas minus submerged installations.

A Side-Power Hydraulic Thruster Side-Power Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic Thrusters

Side-Power hydraulic thruster systems are based on the proven and reliable DC and AC thruster gear legs using hydraulic power. The thruster systems can be combined with a complete hydraulic system, giving the advantages of a seamless proportionally controlled system with unlimited run time.

A Side-Power Thruster from the AC SeriesSide-Power Thrusters AC Series

AC Thrusters

Side-Power’s AC thruster systems offer the benefit of unlimited run time, allowing for heavier duty usage. This is important in situations where hydraulic systems are impractical. All of our AC thruster systems are precisely matched to the generator capacity to maximize thrust and improve efficiency.


Side-Power offers these 4 categories:                                                                                                                        
Vessel Range                23 ft - 100 ft    23 ft - 100 ft    55 ft - 170 ft    30 ft to 175 ft
Power Source    DC battery banks    DC battery banks    AC Generator    Hydraulic System
Control    Proportional    On / Off    Proportional    Proportional or On/Off
Hold Feature    Yes    No    Yes    Yes
Stern Thruster Options    Yes    Yes    Yes    Yes
Commercial Use    Yes
Recreational Use    Yes    Yes    Yes    Yes
Run Time    3 mins - 2 hrs    3 - 5 mins    Unlimited    Unlimited



              DC & Proportional Thrusters                          Hydraulic & AC Electric Thrusters


To learn more about Side-Power thrusters and how they work, head over to the Learning Center. From frequently asked questions to troubleshooting tips, we’ve got you covered.