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Price:$14,175.00 EachTypically Ships In 9 - 10 Weeks
Thruster, AC, 240kg Thrust/250mm tnl, comp prop 380-440VAC 3-phase input power, Horizontal mount
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Sleipner SAC240 Thruster, 250mm (9.8") tunnel ID, 240 kg (530 lb) continuous thrust, 208-240 VAC 3-phase. Single phase version is available. Horizontal Mount Twin Counter-Rotating Bronze 5-blade "Q-Props" Sleipner's dual, counter-rotating "Q" props provide maximum efficiency, coupled with the streamlined profile of the gear-leg in a 16" tunnel to in a 10" tunnel. The dual props offer equal thrust in both directions, and the Proportional controller system with VFD provides not only smooth acceleration, but also provides the safety of a momentary delay when switching directions to avoid an impact load on the gears. A complete Sleipner engineered system allows full proportional control of the thruster and unlimited run time, all based on the S-Link plug and play system.  Learn more about Sleipner AC thruster systems.  Contact your local Sleipner representative for a system tailored to your needs.

Thruster controlled by S-Link digital bus based system
High quality marine standard flexible motor coupling
Gear leg made from seawater resistant bronze CNC machined in one process to ensure 100% correct tolerances, angles and measurements
Oil filled gear leg with header tank and venting to ensure to ensure long life
Marine grade seals with protective lip, mechanically protected by specific propeller hub design
Hardened and ground precision spiro-conical gears
Propeller shafts with double ball bearings
Anode protection directly on propeller for easy change
VFD, EMC Filter, PDC 301  Proportional Controller included
Manufacturers Part NoSAC240/250-C-4-H


Cancer and Reproductive Harm-


Sleipner AC Electric Thrusters

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It is no secret that the most stressful part in boating is when you are in close quarters to other boats.  Maneuvering around crowded marinas and anchorages is a challenge for even the most skilled operator.  Add wind current and ever increasing crowds, maneuvering with confidence is the only way to keep your experience a happy one.

Thruster systems were developed to allow more confident control of a vessel under any conditions and have become a virtual necessity in today’s marine industry.  As technology has improved, thruster systems have become ever more useful with improved functionality and performance.  All along, Sleipner (formerly Side-Power) has been at the forefront of thruster development and performance.

AC thruster systems offer the benefit of unlimited run time, allowing for heavier duty usage.  This is important in situations where hydraulic systems are impractical.  All of our AC thruster systems are precisely matched to the generator capacity to maximize the amount of thrust you get from the system.  Each AC motor, either 230V or 380V, is controlled via a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to minimize startup loads on the power system and allow for precise proportional control of the thruster.  An Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is also included to help reduce feedback noise on the vessels power system.  In specific cases

where sensitive electronic equipment is in use, Low Harmonic Distortion VFD’s are available.  Please contact IMTRA for more information.

All Sleipner AC systems can be mixed and matched with hydraulic thruster systems and DC proportional and retractable thruster systems with seamless integration.  For help picking the right system for your vessel, please contact IMTRA customer support or your local Sleipner dealer.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is an AC Electric Boat Thruster, and How Does It Work?

An AC electric boat thruster is a propulsion system that uses alternating current (AC) electricity to generate thrust. It typically consists of an electric motor driving a propeller. When activated, the motor turns the propeller, creating a flow of water that provides lateral or bow/stern thrust, allowing for precise maneuvering of the boat.


What Are the Advantages of Using AC Electric Thrusters Over Other Types?

AC electric thrusters are known for their high efficiency, quiet operation, and precise control. They are suitable for a wide range of boat sizes and types and are often favored for their reliability and ease of use.


Are AC Electric Boat Thrusters Suitable for All Types and Sizes of Boats?

AC electric boat thrusters are available in different sizes and configurations, making them a suitable choice for boats of various types and sizes. Whether you have a fishing boat, a large yacht, or a commercial vessel, you can find a suitable AC electric thruster.


How Do I Select the Right AC Electric Thruster for My Boat?

Choosing the right thruster involves considering your boat's size, weight, and handling characteristics. Consulting with a marine expert or the manufacturer can help you make an informed decision.


What Maintenance is Required for AC Electric Thrusters?

Regular maintenance of AC electric thrusters includes inspecting for corrosion, propeller examination, and ensuring secure electrical connections. Detailed instructions can be found in the manufacturer's manual.

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Can I Retrofit My Boat With AC Electric Thrusters if it Didn’t Originally Have Them?

In many cases, it is possible to retrofit a boat with AC electric thrusters, but it may require professional installation and modification of the boat's hull.


Are AC Electric Thrusters Suitable for Saltwater and Freshwater Environments?

Yes, AC electric thrusters are suitable for both saltwater and freshwater environments.


What Kind of Electrical System is Required to Operate AC Electric Thrusters?

When it comes to AC electric thrusters, it's important to note that they need a dedicated electrical circuit that can handle the required voltage and amperage. To find out the exact specifications needed, it's best to refer to the manufacturer's guidelines.


Can I Control the Thrust and Direction of AC Electric Thrusters Remotely?

Many modern AC electric thrusters offer remote control options, allowing you to adjust thrust and direction conveniently from the helm or a remote control unit.


What Safety Features Are Built Into Sleipner’s AC Electric Thrusters?

Sleipner thrusters often include safety features such as overload protection, emergency stop functionality, and safety interlocks to prevent accidents during operation.


Are There Any Warranty and Service Options Available for These Thrusters?

Sleipner offers industry-leading warranties on all of its thrusters, and they have authorized service centers all over the world to handle repairs and maintenance.


How Do I Troubleshoot Common Issues With AC Electric Thrusters?

Troubleshooting steps are typically outlined in the manufacturer's manual. Common issues may include electrical problems, propeller obstructions, or control system malfunctions.

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What Are Some Best Practices for Using AC Electric Thrusters Effectively on My Boat?

To use AC electric thrusters effectively on your boat, it is essential to follow some best practices. Firstly, it is recommended to get familiar with the thruster's controls to ensure smooth operation. Secondly, practice maneuvering your boat in different conditions to gain confidence and improve your skills. Lastly, performing regular maintenance is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your thruster.