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We hate to admit it, but occasionally you will need a new Side-Power thruster part or upgrade kit. But, finding the correct parts to get your system running again can be tricky.  IMTRA has developed specific trouble-shooting methods to zero in on problems quickly and efficiently.  You can download these trouble-shooting guides at the following links:

Trouble-shooting Guide for DC Thrusters with IPC Control System (post 2005)
Trouble-shooting Guide for DC Thrusters with 4-Wire Control System (1999-2005, Not IPC )
Trouble-shooting Guide for Ignition Protected Thrusters

Identify which thruster you have by looking at the control box found under the solenoid. This is a small black box that is 1” by 1” by 3”. If the reference number ends with an “I”, you have an IPC thruster. If the whole motor is covered in a black case, you have an Ignition Protected system.

For help troubleshooting or finding the right items for your vessel, please contact IMTRA customer support or your local Side-Power dealer.

Does not include thumb nuts (SM68807)

Item: SM42026
Price: $60.00
On Sale:  $32.00

Used on models SP220, SP240, SP285TCi and SP300HYD

Item: SM200500
Price: $500.00
On Sale:  $275.00