Side-Power thruster systems are the chosen brand by recreational OEM builders and are gaining traction in the commercial field. The driving force behind this popularity is reliability, ease of installation, and a dedication to product development and improvement.

IMTRA offers a wide selection of Side-Power bow thrusters and stern thrusters to satisfy all boating requirements. This ensures the safest, easiest installation and the best performance possible.

Take a look at our extensive range of Side-Power DC electric thrusters, or browse through the innovative speed controlled thrusters, which allow for precise movement, giving complete confidence in any situation. We also offer Side-Power’s AC electric and hydraulic thrusters, which help you maneuver the seas with confidence.

Side-Power thrusters are available for both smaller commercial and larger leisure vessels, as well as new and older builds. Sizing is critical to the final outcome of any project, so make sure to download the Thruster Sizing pamphlet for more information.

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Screw Included

Item: SM71190A
Price: $11.55

Without Fuse

Item: SM897724
Price: $750.00

Item: SM90180i
Price: $1,269.25

External mounted Single Bow Thruster Pod

Item: SMEX35S
Price: $4,140.00

Price: $14.00

For Old 6hp Flexible Coupling (pre-1990)

Item: SM61455
Price: $55.40

Used on Models SE120IP, SE130IP and SE170IP

Item: SM71457
Price: $80.00

176 lbs of Thrust, Ignition Protected

Item: SE80/185T-24IP
Price: $4,080.00

Used in all models SP125 and higher

Item: SM101210
Price: $2.45

Length: 59.0 in.

Item: SM13717
Price: $8,080.00

For Radio Remote Transmitter (SM8981 and SM8985)

Item: SMCR2032
Price: $10.75

For SE170/210/SH240

Item: SM101271LH
Price: $289.00
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