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Whether you’re running hundreds of miles offshore reeling in giants or fishing more local waters, it’s imperative that all the systems on your boat are running reliably and performing at the highest level. Imtra is proud to support many of the world’s top sportfishing boat builders with top-quality marine equipment combined with unmatched support. With Imtra you will get products that will make your fishing boat safer and more comfortable, and systems you can rely on when you need them most. 

Trim Control - Zipwake 

No matter how you fish your boat, ride performance and comfort is paramount to a successful fishing trip. Zipwake offers a fully automatic trim control interceptor system that reacts in real time to sea and running conditions to keep your boat at the desired ride angle. To react in real time, the head unit of a Zipwake system has a built-in GPS, accelerometer and solid-state gyro to sense all the motions of the boat. Because the blades of Zipwake interceptors can fully deploy and retract in roughly two seconds, and move in increments of 1mm, they are extremely reactive and effective at high speeds or in rough sea conditions.  

On initial setup, the Zipwake system requires only the length, beam and displacement of the boat to calculate what is called a “pitch curve” for that particular boat. The pitch curve simply determines what percentage of the interceptor blade needs to be deployed at different speeds and show on the display in one knot increments. Once the pitch curve has been calculate it can then be adjusted by the user so you can fine-tune the ride of the boat to fit your exact preferences. Similarly, the sensitivity of the system’s reaction to roll can be adjusted on a scale of 1-to-10. The system can also be controlled manually using the wheels on the control head, so you can manually control both the pitch and roll, or just one while the other runs in auto mode. With two products ranges – Series S and Series E, for different sizes of boats, Zipwake is suitable for planing and semi-planing hulls in the 20-100 foot-range. 


Having the proper lighting for fishing at night or in low-visibility conditions is important for making sure the crew on board stays safe and can see what they’re doing while rigging lines on deck or reeling in a fish. Imtra’s complete range of deck lighting offers a solution for any boat whether you’re looking for a smaller more focused light to illuminate a work station or a big floodlight to light up the whole deck, and everything in between. Imtra also offers a variety of powerful, durable and crisp utility lights for illuminating tough-to-see places in the engine room.  

For the living and lounging spaces on board, Imtra carries a vast selection of interior marine lighting that can brighten up any cabin or salon and make the interior of your boat feel like a home on the high seas. With various different types of fixture, including downlights, courtesy lights, reading lights, wall lights, chart table lights, flexible rope or tape lighting and more, Imtra is a one-stop solution for all the lighting needs on any sportfishing boat, including underwater lights which we discuss in this article

Bow & Stern Thrusters 

Whether you’re backing down on a big fish in open seas, squaring up on a drift, or maneuvering into a crowded dock with hundreds of boats tied up for a tournament, a bow thruster to keep the bow oriented however you need can be a highly valuable asset to have onboard. Sleipner offers a full range of over 170 different thruster models in AC or DC electrical power and hydraulic power. With such a wide range they offer a solution for virtually every size and type of sportfishing vessel. While the AC and hydraulic thrusters are all proportional speed-controlled by nature, Sleipner also offers a full range of proportional speed DC-powered thrusters. The advantage to using a proportional speed thruster is that it allows you to oversize the thruster for your boat to have the necessary thrust to maneuver in high-wind or high-current conditions, but you don’t have to use all of that power all of the time when using the proportional control. 

Additional Equipment 

In addition, Imtra also offers the complete range of battery chargers, inverters, converters and monitoring systems from the experts at Victron Energy. Victron’s systems can help you maintain 12VDC, 24VDC and AC-powered systems on your boat so that you are not limited in any way by what type of electrical equipment you want to run on board your boat.  

If you ever want to set the hook and relax aboard your boat, Imtra also carries high-quality anchor windlass systems from Lofrans & Muir so you can deploy and retrieve your anchor with the press of a button on any number of available windlass controls. Removable table pedestals from Norsap also make converting the cockpit into a dining area simple and can easily be stowed away to keep the deck clear for when you’re fighting a fish and reeling it in. 

If you have any questions or would like any additional information, be sure to contact the experts at Imtra and we’ll be happy to help! 

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