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Where are Lilaas controls manufactured?

Headquartered in Horten, Norway, Lilaas AS is a world leading manufacturer of various types of control levers and joysticks for marine & offshore use. Established in 1960, Lilaas now develops and produces their controls in-house and around the clock using advanced automated machinery.


What kinds of applications are Lilaas products used in?

Lilaas products are used in several different marine systems including propulsion control, thruster control, joystick control, rudder control and azimuth control systems. In addition to being used in many marine systems onboard vessels, Lilaas products are commonly used in advanced simulation systems for the maritime industry.


What kinds of vessels can Lilaas be used on?

Lilaas products can be used on all vessel types and sizes. They are commonly found on Passenger Vessels, Pilot Boats, OSVs, Fishing Vessels, Tugs, Tankers, Cruise Ships, Military Vessels and more.

Are Lilaas products type approved?

Yes, Lilaas products are certified by DNV GL. Certificate available upon request.


Can Lilaas control levers interface with other systems?

Yes, Lilaas control levers communicate via a digital signal (CANopen), an analog signal (magnetic sensor or potentiometer) or a combination of both, depending on which product is being used. See the quick reference guide below for the different models and how they communicate. If you have questions about what might be compatible with existing systems aboard your vessel, please feel free to reach out to one of our experts at Imtra.

Lilaas Quick Reference Guide

Can Lilaas controls be used in systems with multiple control stations?

Yes, Lilaas offers an electronic shaft system called the AESS. This is a network system for up to 8 control lever positions and up to 4 propulsion engines in one redundant network.


Can Lilaas controls be equipped with integrated control motors?

Yes, all Lilaas levers are available with integrated control motors.


Can Lilaas products be customized?

Yes, all Lilaas controls can be customized to meet your requirements. Customizations can range from very simple requests to completely redesigned products. A Spec Your Request form must be submitted for all custom products and is available upon request.

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